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Idea Exchange

Why wait for the big annual event to network, ask those tough business questions and get to know your business peers? We have big plans for ways for you to communicate and exchange ideas, including:

  • Collabonars where your executive peers collaborate, engage, and exchange best practices and thought leadership
  • Access to fellow members for one-on-one discussions on best practices and service delivery expansion opportunities. Deal brokering and coordination is available through 1NService to ensure a seamless engagement.
  • Podcasts on IT Services growth topics for your drive into work and home
  • Discussions on how to apply thought leadership from white papers, books, and other materials
  • Blogs on the latest technologies impacting services
  • Rapid information and idea exchange using Twitter
  • LinkedIn posts and group chat
  • Subject Matter Expert Groups (SMEGs) so that your functional leaders (technical, operations, marketing, etc.) and technology leaders (cloud, security, software, etc.) can collaborate at a detailed level with their peers.
  • In-person meetings, if you’re a Premium member, where the dynamic of person-to-person interaction ignites new ideas and creativity.