Avtex is a technology know-how driven company focused on providing solutions that optimize the many points of interaction that our clients have with their customers, employees, partners and prospects. Our mission is to use our technology know-how to enable our clients to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers.

Avtex is the first integrated interaction solution provider with deep capabilities in portal, collaboration, contact center, CRM, custom application, infrastructure, unified communications, and creative design solutions.

We make it possible for your network to be more reliable, secure, and ready for growth.

The growing list of requirements for today’s networks includes: greater demand for “always on” services, regulatory compliance for business continuity and data integrity, new applications deployments, technology refreshes, and changes caused by mergers and acquisitions. We achieve success by providing our clients with a vast array of network consulting services through a team of professionals with incredible technical knowledge on a project basis or to help your staff for specific undertakings. Find us at www.avtex.com.