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Start growing your recurring revenue stream today by following these 5 Transition Tips to the Cloud!

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Want to have LIVE candid conversations with your IT executive peers on how to drive IT Services growth in this fast-changing technology market? We host peer-to-peer 1NService Collabonars  and ServiceTalk interviews with members and thought leaders in the industry to help you drive growth faster.  Be sure to click on the link below to receive an invitation to our next Collabonar.

Collabonar – Can Your Prospects FIND You?

Quick! Do a Google Search for one of the IT Solutions you provide. Did you show up on the first page? If not, your prospects and leads aren’t finding you online. With your leads completing 64%+ of the sales cycle using online information without engaging a sales rep, you must have an online presence.

Listen to what experts *and customers* are saying about the importance of online “findability!”

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3 Steps to Building a Software Services Business

Are you considering starting a Software Services business as a path to Services growth and profitability? Then spend 20 minutes listening to software services expert, Colin Kennedy, co-founder of Neuron Global, on the 3 Steps to getting started. He’s lived the trials and tribulations so you can benefit from his experience.