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About Us

Think of us as your IT-specific Vistage, Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) or Shark Tank!

18 years ago, when 1NService was first founded, it was a group of 12 network integration companies who were typically less than 5 years old with revenues less than $5M. As new business owners wanting to grow rapidly, we quickly focused on where the margin and profit was and how to implement everything from sales compensation plans to service delivery in the field. Those companies are now wildly successful or have been bought for many times over their original value.

1NService members focus on transformational change – the kind of change that supports IT business owners in exploring and implementing new business models that have greater value, both to your companies AND to your customers’ businesses.

We accomplish this through business mentorships, effective, targeted marketing, collaboration and service enablement because we believe our companies, customers and employees can all benefit from striving to be better.

Together, as IT business owners, we collaborate to drive business from more than just the balance sheet. We’re about building the relationships, the methods, the best practices and processes to drive rapid growth. Sign up to hear our LIVE interactive executive conversations on today’s hot topics!

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1NService was founded in 1998 as a global consortium of regional integrators and technology suppliers. Members of 1NService work together to enable service delivery and competency outside of their own solutions, thereby creating more revenue and profitability through collaboration.

Our elite membership has had over 30 companies, 125 offices, over 2,500 full-time employees, 1,200 engineers, and 100+ project managers with access to over 28,000 field technicians. The technicians and engineers within our member organizations have earned the highest level of training from our wide array of premier technology providers.

1NService member companies interact on a regular basis, peer-to-peer, or in groups, discussing the business challenges all small IT companies face, from revenue sources and service development to training and compensation.

We hold each other accountable for progress so that great ideas don’t sit in the “to do” pile.

We honor a mutual confidentiality agreement, allowing the frank exchange of ideas, lessons learned (sometimes the hard way), and risks taken and not taken.

Membership in 1NService provides our IT Solutions Providers members with:

  • Improved business work flow through proven methods and best practices based on experience
  • Enhanced Marketing around Services and Solutions
  • Profitability Improvement (Business Health)
  • Better Labor Utilization
  • Strengthening of manufacturer relationships
  • Creating/enabling new revenue streams through unified collaboration

1NService chooses to work with a few select manufacturers. Technology manufacturers choose to be connected to 1NService because they recognize that working in a collaborative environment enables them to develop healthy channel relationships more efficiently.